Get Started

To make sure I provide the most efficient and professional service possible, it helps for me to get a sense of your current situation. Take a look at the forms listed below and choose the form that best suits your needs. If you are unsure, I advise contacting me first or simply starting with the “GENERAL CLIENT INQUIRY FORM”.

GENERAL CLIENT INQUIRY FORM | This form asks for general contact information as well as information about your particular legal concerns. It is designed to provide a brief overview of your situation as a starting point for further discussion.

NEW CLIENT INTAKE FORM | This form asks for your information, your spouse’s information, your current assets, and an overview of your current legal needs. It provides the basis for most domestic legal services.

FAMILY LAW INTAKE FORM | Although the information required by this form is personal, to a large extent it is required by the court documents that will need to be prepared. If you don’t know the information or are unsure how to answer any question, please leave the space blank and we will discuss it further.